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i havent made a new playlist in nine months but someone asked me the other day to make one so here you go, the playlist to your 4/20. enjoy!

  1. The-Dream // Shawty Is Da Shit (Giraffage remix)
  2. Sivey // A Little Help
  3. Com Truise // Wave 1
  4. Ta-ku // I Miss You
  5. Sepalcure // See Me Feel Me
  6. Jamie xx // Sleep Sound
  7. XXYYXX // Love Isn’t Made
  8. Giraffage // Home
  9. Lone // Endlessly
  10. James Blake // Deeds
  11. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib // High
  12. Balam Acab // See Birds (moon)
  13. Poolside // Slow Down
  14. Pursuit Grooves // Pressure
  15. DJ Koze // Royal Asscher Cut
  16. Flume // Space Cadet
  17. Oneohtrix Point Never // Replica



yung lean is last in my music library but first in my heart

its george takei’s birthday today you think hes gonna toke up and post it to facebook

please dont snapchat me videos i rly dont want to see them but ill do it anyway

literally the only reason i havent deleted is bc when i occasionally make a new song its nice to share it with 4k people


I could write an essay on this but i’ll keep it short. affirmative action has nothing to do with denying capable white people admission just because someone else equally capable is a POC. it’s understanding that the ratio of white to POC graduates of higher education is not nearly the same as white to POC people in this country. why is that? because of institutionalized racism in america, schools in predominately POC areas tend to be poorer than whiter schools in america. statistically, people who go to poorer schools get a worse education, denying them access to a higher education. affirmative action is a means to lessen the huge disparity between white and POC higher ed grads.  

i lost two followers for that last post, have fun on the side of tumblr that thinks racism in america died right around when JFK did 

it’s rare that i get riled up about something but today’s one of those days. Bruce Shepard, a certified badass and the president of western washington university where i attend, has been saying for six years now that western needs to become more diversified to adapt to washington’s changing demographics.

no one took any issue with this until about a week ago when his remarks went viral on twitter: ”I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that we as a faculty and staff, student body, as an administration, if we 10 years from now are as white as we are today we will have failed as a university in the commitment to meet the critical needs of our state.”

this made national news with tons of right-wing media outlets picking up the story - including glenn beck - who all said how “racist” this was to say, even that western was going to stop admitting capable white students.

“We aren’t trying to keep whites out,” Shepard said. “That never even occurred to me, so I was a little bit surprised at the reactions.”

all he’s trying to do is ask the question of why western is 76 percent white. all that was bad enough, but what really got me pissed today is when one of my friends posted this photo of these white adults protesting on our campus today

get the fuck out of here


Ryuichi Sakamoto // Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

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